Rank Renown Points Status
-5 -100 The sole purpose of their organization is to kill you. Expect constant attack from this group.
-4 -75 Will kill on sight. Bounty on your head.
-3 -50 Considered an enemy of the faction. May kill on sight. Incredibly hostile. Will warn other members of your presence.
-2 -25 Actively hate you. Will refuse services. May become hostile towards you.
-1 -10 General distrust. Disadvantage on Charisma checks on this person.
0 0 Unknown
1 10 Formal affiliation with group. Considered to be a full fledged member.
2 25 Advantage on Charisma checks. A trusted member of the group.
3 50 You are allowed a member to do downtime for you. If any die, you can't get another for 30 days.
4 75 You can lower level 3 members downtime missions. Access to spells if applicable. If any die, you can't get another for 30 days. -25 to enemy factions.
5 100 Access to faction perk. Can make big decisions in the guild. Another -25 to enemy factions. Access to big favors in the guild and all networking capabilities.
Points Action
-25 Killing a member of the group.
-10 Crime against the member.
+1 Completing radiant quest.