The village of Helix is located on the northern part of the High Moor. Humans established the village centuries ago atop ruins of a much older settlement. The location affords access to water, the protection of the forest, and fuel supply in the form of harvested peat moss from the bog.

The people of Helix are a mixed group. The remote location of the village, far removed from civilized society, means the townspeople are either hardy frontiersmen who make the village their home or scoundrels and knaves seeking refuge in the distant corners of the realm.

Places of Note Edit

  • The Brazen Strumpet Tavern
  • The Axe and Anvil
  • Turgen's Trade Goods
  • Helix Village Square
  • The Rosy Quartz Jeweler and Money Lender
  • Shrine of St. Ygg
  • The Foul Pheasant Gambling House
  • Bowyer/Fletcher
  • Grain Mill
  • Mazzahs The Magnificent's Wizard Spire
  • Helix Barrow Mounds