Smithing Items Edit

To craft an item, you need 80% of its gp value in a Material of your choice (including the Price mod of the chosen material), and if it's a weapon or armor, a Trait may be chosen from the respective Crafted Trait table. Identify if the Smith's Tools check for the chosen item, Material, or Trait uses Dexterity (D) or Constitution (C). If the chosen Material has no denotation, the check requires Strength unless the item or Trait requires otherwise. The ability identified for the chosen trait takes precedence over that of the chosen item. You use the identified stat to determine your Smith's Tools mod:

Smith's Tools Mod = your identified ability mod + proficiency mod

Make a Smith's Tools check and add your Smith's Tools modifier. Consult the table below to see what progress was made towards creating the item, adding the DC mods for the Material and Trait chosen to the Smithing DCs on the table. If you've earned Crafting Points equal to the Crafting Cost of the item times the Price mod of the Material chosen, then the item is complete. Otherwise, you will need to make more crafting attempts to finish it.

You can work on crafting items for a maximum of 8 hours a day. If you work for at least two hours, you make make 1 crafting attempt but it is at a disadvantage. If you work for at least 4 hours, you may instead make a number of crafting attempts equal to 1 or half your Constitution modifier (rounded down), whichever is higher. If you work for the full 8 hours, you may instead make a number of crafting attempts equal to 2 or your Constitution modifier (whichever is higher).

DC (Base) Progress Results
0 or less Ruined! All progress is lost and only 50% of the Material is recoverable.
1 - 9 No progress. No Crafting Points gained.
10 - 14 Nominal. Item gains 1 Crafting Point.
15 - 19 Moderate. Item gains 2 Crafting Points.
20+ Noteworthy. Item gains 3 Crafting Points.
Natural 20 Incredible! Adds additional 1 Crafting Point, +2 to next Smith's Tools check on this item.

New Traits on Existing Items Edit

Crafted Traits may be added to items that have already been forged as long as they do not already have a Crafted Trait on them and you know how to craft items out of the material which it is made. The DC mods of the Trait and Material, the Price mod of the material, and the needed Crafting Points for the item remain the same as per the normal rules. You will only need 10% of the item's gp value (including Price Mod) in matching materal, but this does not count towards its final cost once the Trait is added. The DC mod of the item is increased by 2 if you did not craft the original item yourself and +5 if the item is magical (+7 if both).

Furthermore, if the item is magical, the Crafting Points cost is multiplied by 10, and the gp cost of the item is based on the items rarity (DMG 135).

When adding new Traits in this manor, a Ruined! result on the Smith's tools check destroys the item and leaves 50% of its value in materials of whatever type it was made of or 0% of its value if the item was magical.