Baldrick Baragor, a Hill Dwarf, is a Lawful Good Paladin from Baffenburg, a large town that used to reside in the Spine of the World.

Description Edit

Baldrick takes great pride in his appearance. As a paladin, he needs to be a constant source of inspiration for his allies. His long grey beard is neatly groomed and braided. His armor is always polished.

Personality Edit

Baldrick is a typical dwarf, in that he has a great fondness for food, drink, stories, and song. He always has a great tale to tell around an open fire.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Baldrick grew up in Baffenburg, a large settlement in the Spine of the World mountains. He was raised by his father, Morgrimm Baragor, in the arts of combat and armor smithing. During the great Battle of Fell Pass, Baldrick's father was killed by an orc battalion, leaving young Baldrick to fend for himself. A great paladin named Jargus Holenhond protected Baldrick from the orc hordes, until the ultimate victory was given to the Hill Dwarves.

Jargus was a paladin of Ilmater, and a member of the Order of the Golden Cup. He was able to take Baldrick under his wing and teach him the ways of Ilmater, and the art of protecting others who need protecting. Baldrick showed great promise as a paladin, and Jargus initiated him into the Order of the Golden Cup.

Jargus was getting old, and Baldrick knew that their time together was short. Being a hill dwarf, Baldrick was a young adult by the time Jargus had lived a full life. On his death bed, Jargus asked Baldrick to embark on a personal quest that may protect the very sanctity of the paladin order.