Baffenburg was a large town in what is now the Fell Pass. Baffenburg's residents were both orcs and hill dwarves. They had lived together in peace for many years, even merging their languages. Then the orcs living in the surrounding region came to live there, held in check by a single orc wizard-chieftain named Bowug Kr'kri who was then murdered by his followers, causing a period of unrest. Over the years the periods of unrest waxed and waned but got better and the two communities lived together for at least two centuries before an unknown catastrophe melted the permafrost beneath it and made it sink into the ground. This catastrophe likely involved a thinning of the planar borders as overgrown ethereal marauders and creatures from the Plane of Shadow now inhabit the ruins.

Battle of Fell Pass Edit

During the period of unrest after the assassination of Bowug Kr'kri, the orcs grew murderous and started attacking the Hill Dwarfs. The battle was originally going the orcs' way but the dwarves used the many tunnels and caverns of Fell Pass to resupply and heal the wounded. The dwarves then lured the orcs into a trap by presenting a small group, and waiting for the orcs to charge, at which point the full force of dwarves came out of concealment behind trapdoors and attacked. The battle was won by the dwarves, though at great cost.